Join AI@UW!

We have the following positions available for members to choose from. Feel free to post any questions to our Slack channel, #fyi-help, if you can’t find your question on our Q&A page.

Engineering Manager

Run your own engineering team to build the project of your dreams. Choose a project category from the two options below (Applied AI or Intelligence Engineering), and email us your project proposal today at aiclubuwmadison@gmail.com!

Applied AI

Applied AI projects are projects that generally use AI/ML tools as a means to an end.

Intelligence Engineering

This role is for engineering managers working at the intersection of two or more of the following fields: psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. More generally, the role is meant for students who are more interested in reverse engineering the algorithms of intelligence than simply applying AI/ML algorithms. History shows that this type of role is vital to the advancement of artificial intelligence (Hassabis et al. 2017; Marblestone et al. 2016), but it often gets overlooked during the hype era of deep learning. Example projects might involve comparing & contrasting AI/ML algorithms with human strategies of learning, investigating where brains and modern AI/ML algorithms/architectures diverge (converge), or postulating how to improve the field with novel biologically-inspired architectures and learning principles.

Study Group Leader

Want to study an AI/ML related topic more in-depth with others who share your interests? Email us a study group suggestion at aiclubuwmadison@gmail.com for permission to start your own group. This is a great opportunity if you want to work through a particular coursera course, start a paper-discussion group, or just find others interested in learning more about a specific research topic.

Associate Executive

Join the executive board, prove yourself and become a full-time executive.

Software Engineer

Join an engineering team to work on an epic AI project.


Join a study-group team to learn more about a specific AI/ML topic.


You’re a person with AI expertise and want to pass the baton forward. Mentors are expected to contribute a tutorial/workshop talk to the club’s seminar series.