Frequent Questions & Answers

If you don’t see your quesiton posted here, please feel free to post to our #fyi-help channel on Slack (preferred) or email us.

I am a Freshman in CS. Is this club for me?

Absolutely! We jump-start freshmen into their AI careers by providing study-groups, workshops, tutorials, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Getting the basics down for both machine learning and deep learning will go a long way to prepare you for more challenging engineering project work in the future. We recommend beginners in AI/ML start with #study-ml, #study-dl, and/or #study-tensorflow as one of the core beginner groups. In study-ml, students will work through coursera’s ML course together. In study-dl, students will learn the basics of deep learning theory (also using coursera as the primary learning material). In study-tensorflow, students will learn how to build deep neural nets using specialized software (tensorflow) with the help of our club president, Declan.

If you have to choose only one group to join as a beginner in the field, choose one of the above study groups.

After that, you’re welcome to check out some of the engineering groups we have available. Prerequisites to join these groups can be found in the channel descriptions for each group as well as the projects page on our website. In general, you should contact group leaders for clarification regarding a specific group/project.

When are the meetings?

Our intent is for individual groups (i.e. study groups & project groups) to set up their own regular meeting times. Contact group leaders for their regular meeting schedule. In addition to these meetings, we have org-wide meetings scheduled every month, socials, and occassional guest speakers that give tech talks (if you want a platform to present your ideas/research, let us know and we might be able to arrange something). Be sure to check out our website’s ‘calendar’ tab for event details. There’s an option to add the calendar to your current Google Calendar on that page (click the plus button).

How do I join AI@UW’s official mailing list?

Our email list is moderated through Slack–If you’d like to receive emails regarding club events and projects, please join the Slack group (see ‘Slack’ tab on homepage of our website)!

How much are dues? How do I pay them?

You can pass the dues onto a member of the executive team or venmo our head of finance, @RakshithPadmanabha.
Dues: 1 Semester: $15, 2 Semesters: $20, 2 Semesters + Shirt: $40

I am an AI at UW Alumni. How do I stay in touch?

Join our Alumni network at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13562652/