Raison d'ĂȘtre

Finding a purpose in life is a difficult spiritual task. Every person might find their own goals and reasons to live. For a CS/Quantitative major, perhaps an acceptable purpose would be to use superpowers such as programming and analytical skills to solve important problems faced by society. However, solving important problems is often difficult and cannot be done alone. Hence, the best way to solve meaningful problems is to organize people into a group. This prescription for solving problems is laid out by Paul Graham, Y Combinator Founder, in his essay "Before the Startup".

Thus follows the purpose of the Artificial Intelligence Club at UW-Madison for its members:

In the past few years, the success of deep learning and the wide applicability of this technique has lead us to believe that a number of important problems can and will be solved using Artificial Intelligence. Hence, we have chosen to use AI as the thing to learn about that matters a lot and we want to use this incredible superpower to impact the world.

If you share some of these ideals, then we want you to join us. We do not expect any specific background in AI, however, we do expect great demonstrated quantitative skills, excellent values and a hunger for solving problems. Furthermore, if you are more interested in any other area of CS, we are sure that we will have challenging problems in that specific area in some our projects. So in general, if you resonate with the three main points specified above, we want you. In the past, our members have interned and/or excelled at the following institutions:

We are committed to building an excellent community for the members of the AI club and should you join us, you will join a group of driven individuals and form relationships with your fellow AI club members that will last a lifetime. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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